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I bought several of your toys when my daughter had her first baby and wanted all natural toys. Yours were perfect! I will continue to be your loyal customer as long as I have babies and children in my life.


Portland, OR


I want you to know that your stacking toy is the most played with toy in our house! I married a widower with a teenage son and it was his as a child. Now he is a father, and all together we have 4 grandchildren who all spend lots of time with us. Your father was a toy visionary! Thank you! 

- Michele P.

Cookeville, TN


I was thrilled to give the girls such beautifully crafted toys & so gratified to watch their excitement playing with them. We all agreed how good we felt about them playing with such safe, quality toys, not only made in the USA but in the Pacific NW - toys they can love and enjoy, giving them uncounted hours of fun while teaching them at the same time - healthy & stimulating - toys they can keep forever. Thank you so much!



I just purchased one of your toys, something my Grandmother Murphy (born 1888) called a "rattly-pusher." She insisted that every child had to have one, and I remember mine, a white plastic 50s affair. Yours looks like the real thing: brightly colored balls inside a circular wooden cage, a safely t-shaped handle on the shank, and a soft clattery sound that won't drive parents nuts. I'm thrilled beyond words.


Review of Lawnmower Push Toy by C. Wallace, Chicago, IL


We bought our son your wooden lawnmower for his second birthday. Thank you for making such a wonderful toy! My son loves it! It's beautifully made and sturdy, and we love that it's made in the USA. The grandparents all remarked on what a really nice toy it was, like what they grew up with. As a bonus, it even makes a pleasant "clacking" noise when he pushes it around. (Very important for Mommy.) I am looking forward to him and his baby brother enjoying this toy for years to come. Keep up the good work!


Madison, WI


I want you to know that it is very important to me to support local, small businesses.  You and your company have more than earned my loyalty--I will be recommending you to everyone looking for any type of handmade wooden toys for small children. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service! As long as your company is in business and I purchase gifts, I'll be coming back to you!

-Jeannie M.



My little boy is still fascinated by the wobble of the dog. And OH the ears MOVE!!!! I lost count of how many walls he ran into by looking behind himself to watch that dog move and to see what else would jiggle. He loves it and I love watching him have fun with a 'real' toy. AWESOME**




My sister-in-law lives in Oregon and bought this lawnmower toy for my son's 1st birthday. I was thrilled because it was an heirloom quality wood toy that was both beautiful and safe. You should have seen my son's face when he realized he could push it around the house and make that wonderful rattle sound. He is delighted with it! His three year old sister also loves it and "helps Mama vacuum." I normally can't stand noise makers, but this one doesn't bother me in the least, it is more like a musical instrument. Thank you Papa Don! I just bought him the pull puppy for Christmas, I can't wait for him to open it!




I have been a customer of Papa Don's Toys since 2010 when my daughter had her first baby. She wanted all natural toys; yours were perfect not only because they were all natural but also because they were made in the USA, and even better, made in Oregon which is where we live. I just received our toy train set in the mail - they said it would ship on Tuesday, and I received it the very next day. The train is as beautifully made as all our other Papa Don's toys. I have worked a lot with wood, making toys for my children, wooden blocks, and simple furniture, so I recognize and appreciate hard work and good craftsmanship. This train set is a treasure. My granddaughter will have lots and lots of fun with it, and us grownups are going to enjoy it too, just having it as eye-candy around the house. Thanks for the great train set!




Thank you for the love and care that went in to making this wonderful toy. My 14 month old son pulls it around the house panting with his tongue out and saying, "dog-dog". We have been trying to replace our old plastic baby toys with wood, non-toxic, heirloom quality toys that can be passed down for generations. I love how solid and colorful the pup is and my son is delighted with the wobbly wheels. Papa Dons Toys are a new favorite at our house!